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Kindigym & Kindi-Sports

Come and join in the fun at Kindigym & Kindi-Sports!

Kindigym & Kindi-Sports at Ingle Farm Recreation Centre

Kindigym & Kindi-Sports

Kindigym is a movement based program that encourages children aged 1 to 5 years to grow and develop through play in a fun, colourful and stimulating environment with the encouragement and supervision of their parent/carer.










Ingle Farm Recreation Centre now runs Kindigym Birthday Parties!


A fundalmental movements and exercise program for pre-school children aged from 3-6 years old. During the term they will learn the basic fundalmental movements and basic coordination skills designed around sports and fitness, in a fun, non-competitive environment.

Sessions are Tuesday's 9.30am, during school term.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a piece of fruit to share for shared fruit time at the end of the sessions.

Please phone the centre to find out more information -7422 1500